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    Implicit Corporate Misconduct in Erin Brockovich

    The movie revolves around different aspects carried out by Erin Brockovich, a single mother of three who takes a reasonably insignificant employment as a legal subordinate in a California law company. She was puzzled to find medical records while organizing paperwork touching on real estate cases. The lady goes ahead to carry a secret investigation, an act that makes her dubious that land procured by PG&E is the same on which the company had carried out ecologically reckless activities making it be contaminated with chromium. Her suspicions are confirmed through the examination of indigenous aquatic records and conversations with occupants who had fallen ill due to their exposure to chromium.…

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    Is Dr. Phil Full of Sh*t?

    We don’t show TV programs, but one episode of Dr. Phil show made us to write about it. One lady named Sonja married to Lawrence claims that she is afraid of her husband. The episode begins with Lawrence’s sister reaching out to Dr. Phil to request for help, guidance, intervention and assistance for her brother’s marriage which she believes is in real shambles. Looking at Lawrence and Sonja, they are both very angry about so many issues and very angry at each other. They constantly fight and argue even in the presence of their kids, not caring if the kids are listening to their bitter exchange of words. Here we…

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    How does the Epoch Affect Films’ and Books’ Plots?

    “Gone with the Wind” is a historical romance film that was acted in the year 1939 and the story was based on the novel with the same title. Hundreds of historical romance book reviews and film analytical articles tell, this novel (and film) has a fascinating plot and love between the main characters. “Gone with the Wind” was set at the southern side of the United States of America during the American civil war. It tells the story of Scarlet who was described as the strong-willed daughter of a plantation owner in Georgia in her pursuit of love for Ashley Wilkes. During the American civil war of 1861, Scarlet who was…