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Is Dr. Phil Full of Sh*t?

We don’t show TV programs, but one episode of Dr. Phil show made us to write about it.

One lady named Sonja married to Lawrence claims that she is afraid of her husband. The episode begins with Lawrence’s sister reaching out to Dr. Phil to request for help, guidance, intervention and assistance for her brother’s marriage which she believes is in real shambles. Looking at Lawrence and Sonja, they are both very angry about so many issues and very angry at each other. They constantly fight and argue even in the presence of their kids, not caring if the kids are listening to their bitter exchange of words. Here we see Lawrence’s sister not taking any side but attesting to the fact that both parties are exhibiting bad behavior.

As for Sonja, she feels that her husband has changed and he is not the man she married as he has become violent and so far he has broken things in the house. Lawrence on the other hand feels the wife can argue all through and she always instigates fights by pushing him so hard to the extent of even calling him a loser. Lawrence also claims Sonja is violent as he broke two laptops, but Sonja defends herself claiming that it was on a self defense basis. Their claims against each other go on and on with each party blaming the other for the outbursts and shambles in their marriage.

Dr.Phil’s solution to this particular scenario is a warning to the couple on the negative effects of their children witnessing their heated violence and arguments. He explains that the kids may turn out to be aggressive in their relationships with girls being victims of aggression and boys being aggressors. The first part of Dr. Phil’s statement is raises numerous questions as he is seen ignoring the fact that even Sonja is violent to the extent of breaking two laptops. Dr. Phil is seen taking sides here and ignoring the claims of aggression portrayed by Sonya. His way of giving a solution is right but he is not fair to both parties in this case scenario. He favors the lady and puts blame on the husband, Lawrence. Dr. Phil cannot be said to be full of sh*t as he gives workable solutions but in different scenarios he tends to ignore one or the other party.


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