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Implicit Corporate Misconduct in Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich (film poster)

The movie revolves around different aspects carried out by Erin Brockovich, a single mother of three who takes a reasonably insignificant employment as a legal subordinate in a California law company. She was puzzled to find medical records while organizing paperwork touching on real estate cases. The lady goes ahead to carry a secret investigation, an act that makes her dubious that land procured by PG&E is the same on which the company had carried out ecologically reckless activities making it be contaminated with chromium. Her suspicions are confirmed through the examination of indigenous aquatic records and conversations with occupants who had fallen ill due to their exposure to chromium. The quest of legal measures touching the corporation seemed to be beyond the capacities of the minor firm that she worked for as an employee. The movie depicts that Erin thrives in making her supervisor gain passion equal to hers, and he decides to pursue the case. Therefore, this called for the two to make inordinate detriments in their lives, an aspect that made Ed gaunt due to the legal expenses while Erin got out of contact with her kinfolk members.

The kids of Erin are viewed to begrudge the lack of her devotion and her efforts to elucidate to her elder son the advantages of the activities she was undertakings are seen to be futile. As the movie progresses, the elder son goes through one of the documents pertaining the case where he reads about an ill child of his age. Erin explains to him the reasons as to why the mother’s child failed to provide the needed help that the child required, an aspect made him appreciate the work of his mother.

In conclusion, the vital constituents portrayed in the movie for creating the lawsuit against PG&E lies on Erin’s exceptional aptitude to stand with the affected victims of the lethal substance and Ed’s legitimate and directorial proficiency.

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