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    The night of Robert James Waller’s movies: ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ and ‘Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

    Classic readers and movie-goers alike would have at least heard of Robert James Waller. Hitting the shelves with his best-selling book “The Bridges of Madison County” around 1992, this romantic tale has become an inspiration of a hit Hollywood film. Riding on the coattails of this success was “Puerto Vallarta Squeeze” – with both materials being adapted to film. Now, the Washington Theatre is proud to announce that two months from now, we’ll be showcasing these cinematic gems in our very own theatre. Come and join us for a night of romance, thrills, and sentiments that love does conquer all… or at the very least, gives you a ride you…

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    How does the Epoch Affect Films’ and Books’ Plots?

    “Gone with the Wind” is a historical romance film that was acted in the year 1939 and the story was based on the novel with the same title. Hundreds of historical romance book reviews and film analytical articles tell, this novel (and film) has a fascinating plot and love between the main characters. “Gone with the Wind” was set at the southern side of the United States of America during the American civil war. It tells the story of Scarlet who was described as the strong-willed daughter of a plantation owner in Georgia in her pursuit of love for Ashley Wilkes. During the American civil war of 1861, Scarlet who was…

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    Movie Critique: A Doll’s House Directed by Patrick Garland

    A Doll’s House is a movie depicting the play written by Henrik Ibsen about a fairytale marriage story. The play represents the marriage relationship as they were in the eighteen hundred years. Patrick Garland includes Claire Bloom and Anthony Hopkins to represent the Nora and Torvald characters in the movie respectively. Both Bloom and Hopkins have made the production a success in comparison to the earlier productions because of their ability to incorporate the feelings of the story as written by Ibsen to the play. The reader is able to relate the characters in the movie with those in the story thus making it a successful production. Generally, the movie…